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Warehouse Renovation Reflection: Remove the Old, Build the New

In 2016, Horizon Wood Products embarked on a significant transformation project, reminiscent of the deep, reflective process of cleaning out an attic. Throughout the summer, our team dedicated countless hours to dismantling an old warehouse, a structure that had served us well but no longer met the evolving needs of our operation. This endeavor was not just about making space; it was a journey through the history of Horizon, uncovering hidden treasures and reminders of our company's rich legacy tucked away in the furthest corners of the warehouse.

Horizon's new warehouse building

The discovery of these forgotten gems served as a poignant reminder of the journey we've embarked upon over the years, fueling our excitement to press forward with innovation. The project's goal was clear: to erect a new building tailored to optimize our inventory flow, a testament to Horizon's commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in our production facilities.

The transformation wasn't without its challenges. Faced with the icy grip of January, the task seemed almost insurmountable. Yet, through unwavering determination and a steadfast commitment to our vision, we emerged victorious. The completion of the new construction marked a significant milestone for Horizon Wood Products, symbolizing not just the physical expansion of our capabilities but also our relentless pursuit of enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

As we look back on this monumental project, it's evident that the renovation was more than just a physical upgrade—it was a strategic move to ensure Horizon remains at the forefront of the wood products industry. By investing in state-of-the-art production facilities, we not only improve the workflow and efficiency of our operations but also underscore our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Today, as the new building stands ready, filled with exquisite wood and buzzing with activity, it's a vivid representation of Horizon Wood Products' enduring commitment to growth and excellence. This project, while completed in 2016, continues to inspire our team, reminding us that the pursuit of improvement is never-ending. At Horizon, we are always looking ahead, always tweaking, always searching for ways to enhance our craft and serve our customers better. The renovation of our warehouse was a significant step in our journey, but it's just one of many as we continue to invest in the best production facilities and innovations in the wood products industry.


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