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Custom hardwood lumber production at Horizon Wood Products

Tailored Precision: Where Your Unique Vision Meets Our Craftsmanship.


Produced to Precise Specifications

Every project is unique, and sometimes it calls for a hardwood product that doesn’t fit the conventional mold. At Horizon Wood Products, we embrace this uniqueness. With our extensive hardwood knowledge and a cutting edge sawmill, we have the capability to source and produce to your precise specifications. Whether it's a rare wood species or an unusual dimension, we ensure that our custom production meets the highest standards of quality and matches your vision perfectly.

Premium Hardwood Boules and Lumber produced by Horizon Wood Products
Horizon Wood Products team working with Wood Mizer sawmill

Is Custom Production Right for You?

If your project demands specific dimensions, rare species, or unique finishes not found in standard offerings, custom production is your answer. However, for projects with more flexibility, our boules, lumber, or specialty items might be suitable. Unsure about the best fit? Our experts are here to guide you to the perfect solution for your needs.

Determining Your Unique Needs

Contact Horizon Wood Products

Have precise specifications or tight tolerances for your next project? Connect with our production experts today to ensure every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Let's Talk!

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