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Exterior photo of Horizon Wood Products Sawmill
Exterior photo of Horizon Wood Products Sawmill

We are wood enthusiasts located in Northwest Pennsylvania. Family owned and operated for two generations.


Our Roots

Our roots are firmly set in the soil of Elk County, PA. All of our employees have grown up with an appreciation of the surrounding forests and the fine hardwoods they produce. As a company, Horizon benefits from our local natural resources and we understand the importance of sustainability and longevity. Horizon, in its second generation, is humbled by the many generations our forests have witnessed.

There is a connection between where we live and what we do. No visit to Horizon is complete without taking time to hike nearby wooded trails, canoe the pristine Clarion River, look for the only wild elk herd east of the Mississippi, or stroll the streets of our historic hometown with its many examples of turn-of-the-century Victorian homes. They are standing testaments to the potential of our area’s valuable natural resource; wood.

Every member of our team is more than just an employee – they are part of the Horizon family. From the office to the sawmill, each person embodies the dedication to quality that creates the Horizon difference, and ensures that each boule, flitch, and board that leaves our loading dock is held to the highest standard.

Click on each of our team members to learn more about them and how they make a positive impact at Horizon Wood Products.

Meet Our Team

Horizon Wood Products Founder, George Terbovich

Founder, Father, Futurist


Horizon Wood Products Production Manager, Dan Terbovich

Production Manager


Horizon Wood Products Plant & Sales Manager, Pete Terbovich

Plant & Sales Manager


Horizon Wood Products Sawyer, Derek



Horizon Wood Products Log Yard Manager, John D

Log Yard Manager


Horizon Wood Products Office Manager, Jessica

Office Manager


Horizon Wood Products Maintenance Manager, John G

Maintenance Manager

John G

Horizon Wood Products Grading Supervisor, Shawn

Grading Supervisor


Horizon Wood Products Specialty Sales, Carl

Specialty Sales


Horizon Wood Products Dog, Birdie

Quality Control








A scale stick, a tally sheet and a chainsaw; followed in a couple of years by a small wooden building. What a start! It all began in 1975 while George Terbovich was completing his BS in environmental resources at Penn State University. With his environmental curiosity, appreciation for wood and its complexities, and lifelong residency in northwestern Pennsylvania where the stands of hardwoods are world renowned, an endeavor in the wood business just seemed to fit. George first tested the waters of the wood industry by purchasing standing timber.

The Beginning

Horizon Wood Products founder, George Terbovich

During the early 80′s the concentration on sawlog and veneer wood purchasing was expanded into the sale of export veneer logs. Horizon sharpened its focus on high quality timber tracts primarily for Red and White Oak veneer logs destined for Europe. Horizon’s interest in the export business began to bloom.

And while the Horizon name grew, so did the Terbovich family. By 1983 both Dan and Pete were part of the scene and being nurtured into the family and Horizon environment. Their understanding of the business began with baby steps!

By the late 80′s the name Horizon was well recognized in the European market as being synonymous with premium quality Black Cherry sawlogs and veneer logs. Hundreds of containers of top grade products were being exported annually. Concurrently, the addition of the skills of John DeLullo, a longtime friend and expert marketer, helped Horizon develop an exceptional division for log sales.

The 80s

George Terbovich with sons Dan Terbovich and Pete Terbovich during the construction of a new sawmill building.

During the 90′s Horizon began directing its energies towards expanding into a manufacturing entity with the establishment of a saw mill, veneer mill and other refinements. George’s inspiration developed the mill division into a state of the art manufacturing area. Additionally, Jody Brian came on board as mill manager, bringing with him his experience, knowledge and skills. By maintaining a carefully selected workforce made up of the top talents in the industry, Horizon was able to mold itself into a high quality organization.

The 90s

Horizon Wood Products staff during the 1990s.

Horizon rushed into the new millennium with zeal. The company’s reputation in Western Europe as a provider of superior American Hardwoods was well established. It was time to turn the focus inward towards improving the onsite manufacturing processes.

Customers were clamoring for dried material. Horizon responded by installing hot water dry kilns to gently evaporate the moisture from lumber and flitches. Two kilns grew to four, four to six, then on to the present eight which are always filled to capacity… with a waiting lineup of green wood at the ready to take a turn. Somewhere along the line a couple of steamers were added to the mix, again to keep the customers happy.

With ever-growing volumes of wood being processed, and a broadened arena of markets to deal with, the shear logistics of handling the material became an increasing challenge. Installation of the Balz robots in both the mill and the grading area proved to be an enormous boon to the work flow, and to the health of the Horizon staff’s backs!

Horizon’s specialty material division, dubbed “Evolutions”, emerged around 2004 as it became evident that domestic needs for Horizon style wood was growing strong. Because of the volumes of material that cross the deck, coupled with Horizon’s insistence that each log be evaluated individually, it was easy to segue into separating out the extra special products for those who appreciate them. Through Horizon’s Evolutions, many American designers, woodworkers and architects are able to source the rare, hard to find material, that makes their projects shine.

Turn of the Century

New sawmill equipment being installed at Horizon Wood Products during the early 2000s.

Without a doubt, the most monumental and significant change to come about in the 2000’s was the welcoming of the two eldest Terbovich sons into the Horizon scene. Dan came on board in 2004 and Pete followed quickly in 2007, both after completing their bachelor degrees at Penn State University. Youthful enthusiasm and optimism comes with fresh ideas and interesting looks at how things are done. It didn’t take long for these two brothers to show their stuff as innovators and organizers.

The brothers are taking up the reigns and holding them skillfully. As with any transition, there will be some subtle changes in how things are done, but we agree; the superior quality of Horizon’s material will always be the goal the company strives for.

From the humble beginnings, to the first sawmill to the fine business Horizon has become. Who knows what the future holds? One thing is for sure, Horizon is in good hands.

From Then to Now

Original Horizon Wood Products entrance with an older log truck.

Our History

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