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Premium hardwood lumber from Horizon Wood Products
Premium hardwood lumber from Horizon Wood Products

Redefining Lumber Excellence: From Standard Offerings to the Pinnacle of Exceptional Craftsmanship.


Horizon's Lumber Legacy

At Horizon Wood Products, we believe in transcending the ordinary. Our journey began with mastering the art of hardwood boule manufacturing, paving the way for our venture into the world of square-edge lumber. But for us, lumber isn't just about the boards; it's about bringing to life the hidden charm of Pennsylvania's hardwoods. Our extensive selection, coupled with our drive to provide unique options, ensures that each piece resonates with character and purpose. Whether you're a craftsman, designer, or a woodworking enthusiast, Horizon's lumber range promises unmatched quality, diversity, and the essence of Pennsylvania's rich forestry heritage.

Horizon Wood Products team member grading lumber
Premium hardwood lumber in Horizon Wood Products' air drying yard

Beyond Traditional Lumber

Originating with a deep expertise in wood boule manufacturing, our transition to crafting square-edge lumber was a natural progression. Yet, Horizon aims to surpass the usual. We offer selections that stand out, not just for their quality, but for their uniqueness.

The Evolution from Boules to Lumber

The Horizon Difference

In Pennsylvania, a state renowned for its hardwood forests, Horizon stands tall as a premier hardwood lumber manufacturer. Whether you're seeking prime lumber, extra-wide boards, or those elusive lumber types, Horizon is your definitive destination.

Diversity in Every Board

Our lumber range isn't just extensive; it's diverse, catering to varied aesthetic and functional needs. Our Pennsylvania hardwood selection spans a myriad of species, with options in length, width, and thickness that cater to any project requirement.

Unmatched Inventory

Your Vision, Our Commitment

If our stock doesn't align with your exact needs, don't fret. Our dedication means we go the extra mile. If you have a vision, we're here to ensure you find the lumber that brings it to life.

Premium hardwood lumber in the Horizon Wood Products warehouse
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Looking for the ideal lumber for your next masterpiece? Connect with our dedicated sales team, who are eager to assist you in navigating our extensive inventory and offer insights perfectly aligned with your project's requirements.

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