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Horizon Wood Products Customer
Horizon Wood Products Customer

Crafting Excellence for Every Endeavor - Explore the array of professionals and industries Horizon Wood Products proudly serves with dedication and expertise.



At Horizon Wood Products, we understand the delicate balance between the artistry of design and the demands of the industry. Our heritage is rooted in catering to a diverse clientele, each with distinct needs. Whether you're an architect bringing a vision to life, a wood worker crafting masterpieces, or a retailer or importer seeking the finest hardwood products for your customers, we are committed to bridging the gap between raw nature and refined craftsmanship. Dive in to see how Horizon serves and celebrates both the artist and the industry.

Hardwood Lumber Retailer


Horizon Wood Products is the trusted partner for importers seeking sustainably-sourced hardwoods of the highest quality. Our rigorous standards and meticulous production ensure every shipment meets global market demands. Explore our production processes to understand our dedication to excellence.

International Importers

Domestic Retailers

Stand out in the retail landscape with Horizon Wood Products' authentic and sustainably managed hardwood offerings. Our products resonate with craftsmanship and responsible sourcing. Connect with our sales team today to curate a unique selection tailored to your store's ethos.

Sustainable Sourcing

Wood Workers and Craftsmen


To the passionate woodworker, each piece of timber holds a story waiting to be carved, shaped, and celebrated. At Horizon Wood Products, we resonate with this craft's precision and artistry, offering an unparalleled selection of hardwood boules, distinctive live-edge slabs, and premium hardwood lumber. Every piece is handpicked, ensuring grain patterns, textures, and colors that inspire and challenge your craftsmanship.


Our extensive inventory provides you with a canvas for your creativity, ensuring your projects, from fine furniture to artistic endeavors, stand out in their authenticity and beauty. Explore our online inventory and find the perfect piece that speaks to your craftsmanship's heart and hands.

Wood Curated for Craftsmanship

Architect designing at his computer.


For architects and designers, every project begins as a vision—a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. At Horizon Wood Products, we're dedicated to transforming those intricate designs into tangible masterpieces. Collaborating closely with these visionaries, we source and produce premium hardwoods tailored to the unique needs of each design and construction endeavor. Recognizing the fine balance between texture, color, and durability, our offerings ensure that every architectural and design concept is not just realized but elevated.


Reach out to our sales team today to learn more about how Horizon Wood Products can source and produce the premium hardwood products your next design needs to shine.

From Design to Reality

Contact Horizon Wood Products

Whether you’re a an architect looking to source quality hardwoods for your next endeavor, a retailer stocking your store, or a wood worker ready to find the perfect piece for your next build, our team of wood enthusiasts is here to help you find what you need.

Let's Talk!

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