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Colorful fall leaves in a hardwood forest
Colorful fall leaves in a hardwood forest

At Horizon Wood Products, our commitment to sustainability isn’t just a trend – it’s a tradition.


Constant vigilance over the use of raw materials

“Smart” practices in production

Investment in responsible growth

Respect for our industry, our workforce and ourselves

Community involvement

Ethical Practices

Financial Honesty

The EverGreen initiative promotes:

Our Focus

In the year 2000, Horizon realized it was time to recognize and formalize our already strong commitment to sustainable forestry and the environment. It was a time when the Green trend was starting to pick up speed around the world. We watched the global embrace of all things environmental and thought, “Huh, that’s pretty much how we have been operating since day one.” We know there are many different bodies out there attempting to measure our industry’s standard of being environmentally sound. We realize their intentions are good, but fear they are lost in the muck of rules and regulations. We like to do things our own way.

We love our forests and for us, without a doubt, they are our future. We have always operated in a way to make an enhancement, not a detriment. But in our minds the entire effort of doing good work, and working well requires way more than just taking good care of our wooded lands.

Please take a minute to review our focus and pledge. Horizon’s Evergreen program applies to everything we do: from our raw materials, to our production, our people, our communities, our ethics and our honesty.

And so, Horizon’s Evergreen Initiative became our official, formal statement of our beliefs and practices. It is still in the forefront of our focus and going strong.


Horizon Wood Products log yard


We value each log for all the potential that hides within

We follow manufacturing practices that maximize the hidden beauty of each log by analyzing it individually and opening it in such a way that it’s best characteristics are enhanced

We carefully use all parts of the wood, there is no such thing as “waste”

To use our raw materials wisely

Horizon Wood Products - Grading Hardwood Lumber


Our technologically oriented equipment is the most current and efficient available – we cut with a small curf, close dimensions and clean lines

We keep a constant measurement of our resource and energy consumption and streamline our processing to keep it to a minimum

We enjoy the efficiencies produced by properly maintaining our equipment and keeping our facility spotlessly clean

To follow smart practices in our production

Horizon Wood Products - Respect for our people


We value their input and suggestions

We grow from their energy and enthusiasm

We are honest, open and fair in our relationships

We provide our employees with a safe, comfortable and interesting working environment

We treat our customers like our friends, because that’s what they are

To treat our people & customers with the same respect we give our products

Horizon Wood Products - Tree with rays of sunshine


We approach our jobs with interest and curiosity

We share our uniqueness and creativity with our coworkers and customers

We give back to our communities by supporting causes we believe to be worthwhile

To make the world just a little better than we found it

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