hardwood lumberDesks come in all shapes and sizes, but it can be a lengthy process to try and find the right desk for you. In fact, this is why many professional DIYers often choose to make their own work desks themselves.

When you make your own desk, you can choose the design style, the type of wood you want, whether you want the wood stained, and how much storage you need. What’s more, you can create a wood desk at any budget whereas the desks you buy in-store can cost an arm and a leg.

What wood works best for a desk DIY?

Quality hardwoods are one of the best types of lumber to build a desk. This is because hardwood lumber already plays a key role in the construction of fine furniture.

Hardwoods are often prized for their beauty and grain, which makes them a wonderful choice for a desk DIY. To help you determine which quality hardwoods to choose for your project, here are some of the most sought-after hardwoods that are used for desks:

  1. Cherry wood. Cherry wood can either be a light brown or a deeper reddish-brown color. The color of the wood will actually deepen over time, which makes curly cherry wood a popular specialty wood product. It also has a close, distinctive grain compared to other types.
  2. Mahogany wood. Mahogany has always been popular, but it’s recently been making a comeback in furniture. Mahogany wood can either be deep red-brown, dark red, or medium brown. Like cherry wood, it has a very distinctive grain.
  3. Teak wood. Teak wood has a golden yellow color and may also come in dark brown. When exposed to the elements, the wood can fade to gray color. Teak is often identified by its elegant smell.
  4. Maple wood. Maple wood is very strong and comes in a reddish or light brown color. The wood grain can either be straight, curly, wavy, or bird’s eye.

Looking for hardwood lumber for your next big DIY project?

The number one most energy efficient material with which to make products is wood. That’s why many DIYers love to use wood for major projects like desk building and deck construction.

If you’re looking for hardwood lumber such as figured cherry wood pieces or big lead maple wood, Horizonwood is the has the wood slabs you need. To learn more about our hardwood products and saw mill process, contact Horizonwood today.

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