cherry wood piecesHardwood provides a beautiful, timeless look that many prize. For a while though, there was a push to move away from wood, because of environmental concerns. However, recently, the USDA Forest Service reported that more hardwoods are grown than harvested on an annual basis. Since 1953, the amount of hardwoods in forests across the United States has gone up by almost 120%, which is a wonderful sign. Hardwood lumber is increasingly popular and wood is actually the most efficient material to make products out of! American Black Cherry is a gorgeous option if you’re looking at furniture and cherry wood pieces are heavy and durable, but also one of the more cost efficient hardwoods to work with, making it a popular choice. Read on to find out more about the benefits of hardwoods and the application for cherry wood, as well as what cherry wood pieces are easiest to find!

Why Use Hardwood? 

Hardwood pieces have an elegance to them that’s hard to beat. Because of this, there’s an added sense of value when it comes to hardwood. People often prefer hardwood floors over particleboard or linoleum, for example. Hardwood furniture is valued higher than furniture made from plastic or wood composite. Generally, hardwood signifies durability and a bit more of an expensive piece.

Beyond the value, however, hardwood is also an extremely energy efficient material. Any products made from plastic, glass, aluminum, cement, or brick requires 126 times more energy than if the product had been made from wood. Of course, there are some products that would be silly if they were made from wood versus plastic, but when it’s possible, wood is a fantastic, natural, and renewable option.

Hardwood is also extremely long lasting — many heirloom furniture pieces are made out of wood — and durable. Their value can appreciate over time, especially if the piece is well taken care of and maintained. Hardwood furniture pieces are often found in antique stores for this reason.

What’s So Specal About Cherry Wood? 

Cherry wood pieces are often prized for their beautiful colors and durability. It can come in everything from a blonde color to red, white, and a dark brown. It also has a lovely satiny grain and is one of the more flexible woods, so it bends well, making it a good choice for pieces that need to bend or curve, like furniture.

When exposed to lots of light, cherry may also slightly darken in color, and can age well (though you should know this in advance, so as to avoid a surprise later on down the road!). And you’ll want to match things to the color it will be later on, not the color it is now. But any woodworker can help you determine that or give you a fair estimate.

Cherry wood also works especially well with hand tools — everything from smoothing to sanding and gluing tends to go well. It’s not a finicky hardwood, like some others. So cherry wood pieces aren’t particularly difficult to create, even though the finished product is gorgeous.

What’s Commonly Made From Cherry Wood? 

Cherry wood, whether it’s curly cherry or figured cherry wood, tends to be beloved among woodworkers. It lends an air of sophistication to paneling, floors, and any furniture pieces. It is especially common for use in kitchen cabinets. It’s often used for hardwood toys, like building blocks or trucks. Horizon actually has several customers who use it as an elegant choice for caskets.

The one thing to be aware of with cherry, however, is that it is a natural product, and like all wood it can contract and expand, with the seasons and humidity. So keep your cherry pieces in drier, more temperate areas or areas with climate control. The right wood finish can help reduce some of this, but there may still be some kind of effect from humidity.

If you’re considering a remodel of your house or updating cabinetry or flooring, consider looking at cherry wood. It’s a versatile, easy-to-use, and beautiful looking wood that will give your house a stunning, elevated appearance.

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