specialty wood productsOne of the most exciting aspects of building and design is the use of various materials that give a project its ultimate finishing touches. The use of natural materials, especially wood, adds beauty and character to any area. Here are five types of wood and the specialty wood products they are best for creating.

# 1. Wood Slabs

For a unique and rustic look, there are no specialty wood products more popular than wood slabs. Unfinished or finished, wood slabs for sale in a variety of wood types such as birch, maple, walnut, and many others can be used in many ways. Their decorative function ranges from tables to cake stands…the only limit is your imagination.

# 2. White Oak

Used in furniture making, flooring, and cabinets, white oak is strong and durable. It is abundant, therefore, it is economical. White oak slabs for sale are used by professionals and hobbyists alike. And it is resistant to rotting. If that’s not enough, it is also gorgeous!

# 3. Curly Cherry Wood

Pretty and practical, curly cherry wood is used in specialty wood products that include decorative furniture. This includes bed frames, a chest of drawers, nightstands, and dressers. It is a wood that is particularly popular with hobbyists.

# 4. Big Leaf Maple

The largest of all maple trees, the big leaf maple grows primarily in the mountains. Specialty wood products made from big leaf maple wood are numerous and varied. They include paddles, guitars, furniture, and even salad bowls.

# 5. Flitch Cut Slabs

The advantage to a flitch cut slab is that the grain will be consistent. This is because flitch cutting is a method of milling wood when a stack of boards is cut from the same log. This is aesthetically important for items such as furniture.

Hardwood products are clearly a beautiful choice for many special projects. Another factor that adds to their appeal is how eco-friendly they are. It has been shown that it takes 126 times more energy to make brick, cement, plastic, aluminum, or glass products than it does to make products from wood. This is another reason why specialty wood products of hardwood lumber are an excellent choice for landscapers, homeowners, or anyone who needs wood or lumber.

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