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Horizon Wood Products - stack of Boules

We offer a wide variety of premium quality American hardwoods, all produced right here at our lumber mill in Northwest Pennsylvania



Here at Horizon Wood Products, we specialize in premium Pennsylvania flitch-cut slabs, boules, lumber and more. We focus on producing the highest quality wood products for our customer’s needs that will go on to live life as beautiful furniture, flooring, and architectural installations.

It all begins with the log. We understand its language and we listen to what it tells us. Each selection is analyzed before it is opened to determine where the secrets are hiding. We decide what type of wood product the log is best suited for: hardwood flitches and boules, lumber, or something completely unique…. Sometimes the needs of the customer direct those decisions. Usually we let the wood speak for itself. The important thing is that we understand its language, and we listen to what it tells us.

At Horizon, our products and services fall into four categories; Boules & Flitches, Lumber, Specialty Items, and Custom Production. Each category is tailored to a different customer need and leverages the unique qualities of the premium hardwood logs we source and cut in our sawmill. Select a category below to find the right option for your needs.

Product Categories

Featured Product - Hardwood Boules & Flitches

Boules & Flitches

What is a boule? Consider the log as a loaf of bread. Instead of making traditional slices across the loaf, it is cut longitudinally “through-and-through” the entire length of the log. Each of these individual log-length pieces is called a flitch. A flitch of significant thickness and width may be considered a slab.

Featured Product - Hardwood Lumber


We offer a wide range of interesting options beyond typical square-edge lumber. If you’re looking for options like “prime” lumber, “extra-wide,” or those hard-to-find types of lumber, Horizon Wood Products is the place to find them.

Featured Product - Specialty Items (live edge slabs, figured wood)

Specialty Items

Our specialty inventory is a treasure trove of curled, quilted, fiddlebacked, and bird’s-eyed pieces, unique crotch patterns, and exceptional widths and thicknesses. For a special project, we can help you find the log that will make your project shine.

Featured Product - Custom Production

Custom Production

When standard offerings don't align with your vision, Horizon Wood Products has you covered. Whether it's an elusive wood species or an odd dimension, our custom production ensures that your project stands out with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Species Guide

Horizon is nestled in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest, the premier source of American Black Cherry. However, we source our material from a wide network of reputable log buyers we have been developing since the 70′s. We produce a wide variety of American hardwoods, including cherry, walnut, hard and soft maple, red and white oak, ash, elm, sap gum, butternut, sassafras, cottonwood, and more.

Learn more below about the American hardwood species Horizon uses to create our premium wood products in Pennsylvania. All of the varieties listed pass through our saw regularly, but of course some are easier to procure than others. Want to know more? Contact Us. We understand the unique personality of our woods and are happy to share our knowledge.







Grey / American Elm


Hard Maple




Red Elm


Red Gum


Red Oak




Soft Maple


Soft Maple (Steamed)






White Oak


Contact Horizon Wood Products

Whether you’re a an architect looking to source quality hardwoods for your next endeavor, a retailer stocking your store, or a wood worker ready to find the perfect piece for your next build, our team of wood enthusiasts is here to help you find what you need.

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