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Unloading hardwood logs at Horizon Wood Products

Discover how our dedication to craftsmanship shapes our production processes, from the time a log arrives to our yard, until it leaves as a premium hardwood product.



Horizon Wood Products combines current technology with traditional saw milling methods to create the great hardwood products that are our claim to fame. Our lumber and wood manufacturing process has been fine-tuned over the years to efficiently and logically produce an ongoing supply of quality lumber.

05. Grading Line

This is just one more place where the extra effort to get it right comes into play. Material that has moved through the dry kilns does more than just lose moisture; it also loses dimension. We sell our products based on a true-after drying scale.  It all moves through the grading line after leaving the kiln for the most accurate measurements possible.  We take a good final look and make sure the wood lives up to our standards.  Once all the tests are passed with an A+, the wood is prepared for shipping, moved to the loading dock, and ready to move on to the next leg of the sawmill process: delivery to the customer.

Log Buying
The Log Yard
The Sawmill
Drying Process
Grading Line
Special Inventory
The Offices
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