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Born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania, heart of the Allegheny National Forest, home to beautiful hardwood stands.

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Horizon Wood Products, Inc.
624 Shelvey Summit
Kersey, PA 15846

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Horizon Wood Products, Inc.
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Represented globally

Horizon Wood is proud to be represented globally in the following locations:





Worldwide exposure

Just a few of the places where Horizon’s wood is being used to make great things: USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Denmark, Morocco, United Kingdom, China, Poland, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Russia, Egypt


Horizon is a global supplier. Our decades of experience in shipping material domestically and internationally have resulted in strong relationships with trucking lines and freight forwarders. We know how to handle the documentation and paper work required for exports. Containers are loaded from our heated, covered warehouse. We give our wood a good sendoff!

For any questions or inquires on shipping, contact Horizon Wood Products by email or by phone (814) 772-1651.