whole log lumberWoodworking is an incredible skill that involves making products out of wood from cabinets to furniture. Although woodworking can be intimidating for beginners, it’s a worthwhile activity that can be incredibly useful both for yourself and your career.

But whether you’re a beginner or a long-time professional woodworker, there are a few pieces of equipment that every woodworker needs to stay safe and do great work. That said, here are five things every beginner and professional woodworker needs to succeed.

  1. Protective equipment. Eye and ear protection are vital when it comes to woodworking. But they’re also the most overlooked purchases in this field. You can’t get your sight or hearing back if you become injured, so it’s important to wear heavy-duty safety goggles and ear protection when you’re working. Even the most skilled and professional woodworkers can get hurt. Accidents happen.
  2. Respirators. Sawdust is a carcinogen and it’s dangerous to breathe it in. Don’t forgo a respirator just because you think you look cooler working on your chair when you’re not wearing one.
  3. A cordless tool kit. The very first tool purchase you need to get is a drill and driver kit. Be sure to choose wisely when you’re making this decision because the first cordless tool kit you purchase sets the tone for the rest of the cordless tools you invest in.
  4. Saws. Saws are your best friends in woodworking. Without them, you can’t really cut your way through anything. Miter saws or circular saws are great options.
  5. Sanders. You could save money by hand sanding everything yourself, but that method will get old quick. A sander helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently without your arms hating you by the end.
  6. High-quality wood. Depending on the size of the products you plan to be making, whole log lumber is a favored choice among woodworkers. This is because whole logs ensure that your furniture and other products you’re making match in terms of style and color.

Looking for whole log lumber for specialty wood products?

Wood is the number one most energy efficient material that can be used to make different products. It’s also one of the most popular materials right now what with interior design styles like a traditional farmhouse and bohemian becoming mainstream.

Horizonwood provides high-quality whole log lumber for professional DIY-ers, contractors, and more. To learn more about our available hardwoods and flitch cut slabs, contact Horizonwood today.

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