wood slabs for saleLike spring, fall is one of the best times of the year to build a deck in your backyard because the outside temperatures aren’t extreme.

But despite how great the weather is for a new home project and how much you like the look of a real wood deck, you’ve probably heard a few things about wood decks that are keeping you from realizing your backyard dream.

So are the claims you’ve heard about wood decks really true? Or are they a work of fiction? Here are five myths about wood decks officially busted.


    1. Real wood decks aren’t eco-friendly. If hardwood trees stopped growing today and harvesting continued at the same rate it is now, hardwood timber supply would last more than 75 years. Lumber companies in North America are committed to sustainability and make sure to regenerate the trees that are harvested for wood.
    2. Wood isn’t an energy-efficient product. Wood is one of the most energy-efficient materials you can use to make products such as wood slabs for your deck. In fact, companies that make products from aluminum, cement, brick, glass, and plastic use up to 126 times more energy than those who make products from wood.
    3. Wood decks are difficult to maintain. A wooden deck isn’t any more challenging to maintain than any other deck. Every deck you install will need maintenance and you’ll need to clean and seal the surface of your deck at regular intervals. This keeps dirt from getting a chance to build up.
    4. Wood decks have splinters. It’s true that repeated expansion and shrinkage due to the humidity in the air can cause splintering, but a periodically applied sealer can prevent cracks and splinters from developing.
    5. Wood decks don’t last for very long. Real wood decks can last up to 20 years with regular sealing and cleaning. But it ought to be noted that certain factors such as lack of maintenance and poor ventilation can cause your deck to age prematurely.



Where can I find Hardwood for sale?

The average single-family home contains over 13,000 board feet of lumber. A wooden deck naturally fits in with the architecture.

If you’re looking for wood slabs for sale to build your deck or another new home project, Horizon Wood has the slab lumber and more specialty wood products you need. To learn more about our hardwood lumber and timber prices, contact Horizon Wood today.

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