cherry wood piecesKitchen upgrades can be especially rewarding home renovations. Any changes to the heart of your home will bring a smile to your face each time you reach for a drinking glass or spend time cooking a meal.

When it comes to kitchen transformations, few changes are more dramatic or important that upgrades to your kitchen cabinets. After all, cabinets take up a large amount of wall space and hold nearly all of your cooking tools and food, making them both visually and functionally significant.

If you’re thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets, be sure you start the project with only the best building materials. Use this guide to select the perfect wood species for your kitchen drawers and cupboards:

1. For A Rustic Look, Consider “Rustic” or “Character” grade Hardwoods

A very fashionable look today is to include knots, splits, and other so-called defects in cabinetry, which is a beautiful statement in for cottages, cabins, and farmhouses– the intricate grain and inclusion of what might be called “defects” in other settings make the materials excellent for creating a rustic theme. Plus, using this material generally lowers the cost as opposed to perfectly clean boards.

2. For Durability, Go with Hardwoods

Hardwoods are a favorite building material for cabinets, and are far more durable than MDF, particle board, plywoods, or soft woods. Maple and oak tend to withstand nicks and scratches better than their softwood cousins, making them a practical choice for a kitchen environment. Using hardwoods ensures that your kitchen cabinets won’t be looking shoddy and beat up for a long, long time. And even then, hardwoods can be resurfaced and refinished, while many manmade products will need to be replaced.

3. For beautiful paint, Look at Maple

Oftentimes people think that hardwoods aren’t necessary if you’re painting your cabinets. However, maple  in particular boasts a fine grain that takes well to many different paints and stains. You will have beautiful, durable cabinets in any shade or color you want.

4. For a Sense Of Luxury, Choose Cherry or Walnut

Oak, rift oak, and maple come in lighter, creamy tones that look lovely in transitional styles and even more modern homes. However, if you’re hoping to bring a sense of richness and warmth to your kitchen, cherry wood pieces are an absolute must. Though more expensive than other specialty wood products, cherry offers unmatched beauty. Cherry wood pieces can feature intricate curled patterns, and the warm tones of the species look stunning in dark brown and reddish stains. For a kitchen that wows, consider building cabinets with cherry wood pieces. If the regal redness of cherry isn’t your fashion, try looking to the beautiful, dark and formal colors in walnut.

The average single-family home contains about of 13,000 board feet of lumber. However, the lumber that you use for features like cabinets and furniture should be chosen with care, since each species will add a unique artistic element to the space. Try any of the species listed above to build beautiful cabinets and create a more welcoming and unique kitchen.

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